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beautiful is a nurturing, soothing and regenerative, cleansing and healing balm for the face and localised areas, helping to fade scars caused by injury, acne from hormonal imbalances and pigmentation, promoting a smoother and more balanced complexion

this balm has a base of jojoba oil – anti inflammatory, anti microbial, rich in vitamins e and b, and minerals copper and zinc and cacay oil – wild harvested and organically grown, high antioxidant, regenerative, anti bacterial, contains fatty acids for tissue regeneration raw organic beeswax – local bee farmer brian whitley hand collects this rich raw wax containing residue pollen and propolis from his hives located near kew gardens  that forms  a protective antibacterial barrier that is anti inflammatory and rich in vitamin a, supporting cell regeneration and reconstruction 

beautiful has a bright orange hue due to the concentrated addition of sea buckthorn antioxidant, anti inflammatory, rich in vitamins a, c, e and omega 3 and 6 promoting cell regeneration fragonia – anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti fungal and extremely mild and gentle on the skin to provide immune enhancement through skin application amber stimulates capillaries, promoting blood flow, an effective cleanser, promotes the growth of new cells, adding elasticity to tired skin

it will naturally contain linalool, d-lininene and citral in minute form from the fragonia and amber, although these are natural flower and tree sap derivatives and not chemical

cleansing – use a small amount of balm (thumb nail) and massage into the skin using a circular motion, working up from the neck and including the eye area, and wipe clean with  cotton pads or muslin cloth damp with life restoration mist or mineral water

for localised scaring and dry, flaky or cracked patches, massage a small amount into affected area until completely absorbed

add a little extra balm before bed as a luxurious mask to promote overnight regeneration use on eyebrows and eyelashes to promote healthy growth and conditioning, rub into nails and cuticles to soften moisturise and promote healthy growth, apply to elbows and feet for intensive moisture treat, use a small amount on the fingertips to work through the ends of the hair to condition and calm frizz

with prolonged use, skin appears smoother, silkier and more firm

beautiful is preservative free and must be stored in a cool, dry place this is a completely natural handmade product therefore colour and smell may vary from batch to batch.

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