About me

About me


I have been making my own skincare since I started modelling some thirty years ago because I have always had sensitive and allergic skin.

I started to create my own products using very simple ingredients because they gave the results I needed and were far more gentle, reliable and effective than anything else I tried.

I moved to the beautiful island of lanzarote in 2011 and with all the experience of looking after my skins’ needs and studying extensively into the best natural ingredients I developed my own complete range of skin essentials called nknaturals.

I began to sell my products at local artisan markets on the island to help protect the skin and recover from too much exposure to the sun.

It felt a bit like a new adventure and immediately I met people who have gone on to become friends and continue to use nknaturals products.

From the very beginning the most important aspect of selling my skincare to the public has been to make available the products that I make by hand to offer an alternative to the mass produced, preservative and manmade chemical products available on the high street.

I have now moved back to London after six years to devote my time to expanding nknaturals to a wider market and it therefore felt right to come home. I have always stayed away from promoting my balms as anti aging or made claims of reducing wrinkles or making your skin look more youthful.

The simple truth is that understanding the structure of the skin, there really is no topical treatment you can apply to make your skin look younger.

I have recently visited some global skin industry exhibitions offering a huge variety of ingredients both natural and chemical that have been manipulated and trademarked for makers to add to their formulations and they make some serious claims, although when I look at the huge investment and the men in suits selling these ingredients I feel both duped from a customer point of view and from a professional point of view.

The skincare industry is worth billions but I feel uneasy about the message. The advertising is set to appeal to our insecurities about our appearance, to sell us something that we believe will make us look better and or improve on what we have.

I am also disappointed to recently see a u turn with the term pro aging, which is just another manipulation but now aimed at those who recognise the previous false claims.

I am neither pro nor anti ageing

Genetics play a fundamental part in how we age.

The best advice I can give you for how your skin appears is a good night’s sleep and plenty of hydration in the form of drinking water to reduce inflammation that increases with age.

My skincare can help with certain aspects and problems with dry, sensitised and scaring on the skin.

They are handmade and completely natural using the best ingredients available without the addition of chemicals preservatives which contribute to most of the problems that skin develops over time.

This range is appealing to those who want to use an honest range free from hype that can deliver an experience of luxury and caring natural goodness for the skin. For me it is not about your wrinkles, it is about having healthy naturally glowing skin no matter what your age today, yesterday or tomorrow.