About me

About me


I have been making my own skincare since I started modelling some thirty years ago because I have always had sensitive and allergic skin.

I started to create my own products using very simple ingredients because they gave the results I needed and were far more gentle, reliable and effective. As a model I had the choice of many high end brands however they were not sensitive enough for my skin.

I began to sell my products at local artisan markets after moving to the beautiful island of Lanzarote in 2011. I had created a simple regime of skincare called nknaturals to care and protect sensitive skin especially those needing to recover from too much exposure to the sun.

It was a new adventure and immediately I met people who have gone on to become friends and continue to use nknaturals products.

From the very beginning the most important aspect of selling my skincare to the public has been to make available the products that I make by hand to offer an alternative to the mass produced, preservative and manmade chemical products available on the high street.

After moving back to London in 2017 to develop the range, I now devote my time to expanding nknaturals to a wider market and completing the range which now includes more climate appropriate oils and home distilled floral waters based on local and seasonal ingredients.

Using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible forms the foundation of nknaturals and ingredients that are non GMO and free from pesticides, knowing each supplier is vital for accountability. Each ingredient is precious and reliable from sustainable and ethically sourced suppliers. I use cold pressed oils and high altitude extracts for their integrity.

I use beeswax for the balms from local beekeepers including Brian from Chiswick. This is essential to support  the wellbeing of the bee population in England and completely different to mass bee farming. I make each balm with the raw wax and strain before pouring to maximise the healing, antibacterial properties.

Keeping the amount of the ingredients to a minimum is a key aspect of my formulations. If I want to make a balm for healing a particular issue I will use the best single ingredient I can find. None of my products contain more than eight ingredients in total to maximise each of their qualities and blended to enhance each other. I am not a believer of mixing many oils together that fit into fads an what’s new, in the hope that 20 different oils are better that one especially if that one is of superior quality.

This range has looked after me for 30 years and it can help you with problems such as dry, sensitive, irritated skin as well as pigmentation and scaring. This is an honest range free from hype that can deliver an experience of luxury and caring natural goodness. For me it is not about your wrinkles, it is about having healthy naturally glowing skin no matter what your age.