Formulation, Formulation, Formulation

It’s been a beautiful and busy summer with so many long hot days I almost felt like I was back in Lanzarote although without the wind and of course the ocean but with the river and the amazing summer flowers that I have been collecting and distilling ready for autumn hydrosols.

I can feel the change in season ever so slightly as we move into September with a cooler and more earthy and woody smell in the air in the early morning when I’m out with Honey on our morning walk.

I had a heart warming reaction to my recent talk in Kew Village at the Mary’s Living and Giving shop being supported by some local customers as well as meeting new ones. The talk was entitled SKIN and after working on it for days I managed to reduce it down to 40 minutes otherwise we could have been there all night as I can go off on a tangent especially where ingredients and man - made chemicals are concerned.

We also did a lymphatic drainage facial massage to finish and everyone loved it so much I have decided to include the instruction leaflet in with every order of a ‘seasonoil’ until I run out of my reclaimed swirly tracing paper I recycled from a recent promotion for a famous sportswear training shoe that had been discarded but don’t worry I’ve got hundreds of them! This brings me on to the newest and latest  final addition to the ‘seasonoil’ family, ‘autumn.’

I always think the newest addition to the set is the best yet, but this powerful little gem is so good I keep checking on it while it is developing and I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I close the cupboard door knowing the excitement I will feel when I launch it on September the 1st and complete the ‘seasonoil’ range, completing the year of being back home in Richmond.

It’s been a year of rediscovering the changes in the seasons and the UK weather which enabled me to develop this addition to the range and has allowed me to take advantage of the abundant ingredients available.

I will now be embarking on some more pop up shops in the coming months and will keep you posted on social media. If you are in the area please stop by to say hello!

Till next time.....

Nicola x