I’ve been meaning to get around to this for some time - is how I want to start. All nonchalant, like I've been toying with the idea casually on and off for a while and have finally found the time, however, none of that would be true. It’s actually been a preoccupation of mine for months now, probably twelve.

The truth is I talk it through in my head and I've written lots of blogs in my mind while I wash up or relax in the bath or even while I take Honey for a walk - which is at least 2 blogs a day, I mean walks.  Then I sit at the laptop and magically, all the things I want to say seem to vanish. I start to make excuses, ‘the d’ gets stuck on the keyboard’, ‘no one will read it’ and ‘I am 50’, bringing me nicely to the reason for writing a blog.


So, not without difficulty because the d really does stick, I’ve just googled ‘what makes a good blog' and according to the University of Exeter, "blogging well isn't just a case of spewing your thoughts onto the internet"

You might want to stop reading now.


This is not just about my skincare though, it will also be about all the changes that I am going through as a menopausal woman, groan.

I promise not to rant, or go on about the injustices of ageing or any other negative stuff, it is more about coming to terms with the natural process and why I am starting the youtube channel       Natural Kidd

I am not sure if it is a good idea or even if anyone will be interested in watching but I meet many women who would like to see an honest representation. I have a face free of botox, fillers, acid peels, derma rollers. I am not interested in 'anti-ageing'

I will share my experience of living in Richmond, running my own business making skincare and all the little things that go on in my busy life,  including adventures with my dog Honey who’s currently sitting on my lap nosing my fingers away from the keyboard, as if having sticky ‘d’s wasn't challenging enough.


So this is more a woman to woman thing.

I'm going to give you some great tips, advice, and stories. I was a model in the fashion and beauty industry for over 30 years – oh yes I almost forgot to mention that – so I have got some secrets (lots) and goings on behind the scenes and the smoke and mirrors.

Check back in with me soon, the video will be up and I have a competition on there to win the newest member of the nknaturals family, ‘seasonoil’ summer.

This climate appropriate facial treatment oil will become your best friend over the next few months. Heaven.


It’s a delicious blend of sesame and red raspberry seed oil, with jasmine and ylang-ylang and I’ll tell you more about it on Youtube.

Till next time,

Nicola x