How and Why

How and Why


Using locally sourced beeswax forms the foundation of how I make nknaturals balms. While living in Lanzarote I was fortunate to meet Miguel Galvan who supplied me with raw beeswax from this hives dotted around the island. We formed a close friendship and saying goodbye to him and his bees felt heavy on my heart.

I could have continued to use Miguel’s beeswax in London however, now that I am based in Richmond it felt right for me to start fresh with a local beekeeper if possible and I had high hopes with Kew gardens just over the road from where I live with its beautiful meadows of 34 different types of wild plants that have continued to grow naturally for thousands of years.  I have teamed up with Ian from BeeHouse Honey Company who hand collects the beeswax from his hives and sells his delicious honey regularly on Saturdays at the Duck Pond Market in Heron Square in Richmond.

Each balm is made with the raw wax and strained before being poured to maximise the healing, antibacterial properties contained within the raw wax. Each and every ingredient I choose is important to me and is why I only use sustainable and ethically sourced. I use cold pressed oils and high altitude extracts for their integrity.

Most balms and skincare is commercially heated to 75 degrees in factory conditions and 60 degrees in more natural smaller batch producers.

My products are only heated to 40 degrees which renders them raw. My personal reasons for this are to keep the integrity of each ingredient and hold the nutrients within the precious oils with no breakdown of fatty acid chains maintaining their optimum ratios and properties.

Keeping the amount of the ingredients to a minimum is a key aspect of my formulations. If I want to make a balm for healing a particular issue I will use the best single ingredient I can find. None of my products contain more than eight ingredients in total to maximise each of their qualities and blended to enhance each other. I am not a believer of mixing many oils together that fit into fads an what’s new, in the hope that 20 different oils are better that one especially if that one is of superior quality.

Choosing to make my products at 40 degrees requires patience as the process is easily double that of higher temperature production and batch sizes are smaller due to the limited heat, but it is extremely enjoyable process bringing the elements together to create something that delivers goodness to the skin on a daily basis and why I also take the time to explain the relevance of each ingredient with the information sheet I provide with each handmade product.