hydrosol mist

hydrosol mist

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hydrosol is an essential hydration spray mist for the face, body and mind and when sprayed onto the skin it provides instant relief from dry taught sensitive skin, calming, refreshing and hydrating it will soothe even the most parched and sensitised skin, preventing further damage and restoring moisture, it is a gentle yet powerful mist which has an overall soothing effect on the body and mind. hydrosol is made to order from the website and is preservative and alcohol free therefore it has a maximum shelf life of 3 months but with this many uses it will be lucky to last that long!

use with delicate and beautiful cleansing balms to maximise their cleansing and healing properties, use alone in the morning as a cleansing, refreshing and skin stabalising essential before applying moisturiser

mist hydrosol onto the face and decolletage to dampen the skin before appliying your desired seasonal oil for ease of massage and sensory effect 

shake the bottle before use to activate the essential ingredients, spray onto a cotton pad to use with your evening cleansing balm or before bed to re balance skin ph levels. use alone as a refreshing morning cleanser, and use throughout the day over make up for instant hydration and mood enhancer and as a treatment spray onto cotton pads and place onto the eyes while relaxing to cool, soothe, refresh and hydrate sore, swollen, dry and tired eyes

frankincense and lavender hydrosols which promote growth of new cells improving overall skin structure while calming and balancing flowers have been used for centuries for their high level of antioxidants and protection from UV damage create the base of hydrosol with frangipani –anti inflammatory, antioxidant, skin refreshing properties petitgrain -  antiseptic, anti fungal, encourages lymphatic drainage, rebalances sebum production and regulates excessive perspiration benzoin – is the sap (gum resin) of trees that belong to the styrax species and is anti inflammatory, anti microbial, antiseptic  and has an uplifting effect on mood as well as supporting immune enhancement through skin application although the name can sound like chemical, these are naturally occurring and not manmade and a dash of natural witch hazel glycerol – antiseptic, anti inflammatory and provides a protective covering for minor capillary problems

hydrosol is preservative free and must be stored in a cool, dry place this is a completely natural handmade product using copper distilled hydrosols therefore colour and smell may vary from batch to batch.

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