seasonoil christmas box


seasonoil christmas box

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Introducing the complete collection (boxed using recycled materials) of 'seasonoils' together for the first time and each one specifically created for your skins needs as we pass through the changing climatic and environmental stressors of the year. This is the ultimate gift in luxury handmade natural skincare and is delivered with a leaflet (printed on reclaimed paper) with diagram and full instructions to deliver a lymphatic drainage massage to your skin with your oil before bed so you wake up to hydrated, fresh and glowing skin.

This special edition gift set is the culmination of my last year living in Richmond after returning from six years in Lanzarote and responding to the changing needs of the skin as we move through the seasons and this is not only a feel good treatment, for me personally they are essential to the nknaturals range for maintaining the health and wellbeing of your skin.



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