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is a nurturing, soothing and regenerative, cleansing and healing balm for the face and localised areas, helping to fade scars caused by injury, acne from hormonal imbalances and pigmentation, promoting a smoother and more balanced complexion.


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Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 4.9
from Brucella Newman on 15/08/2019
I’m so happy I purchased Beautiful. My skin is grateful for the nourishment and rehydration! I have been experiencing Hyperpigmentation, having reached a certain age. I’ve noticed a difference in myskin since using Beautiful over the past couple of weeks. The shade of the pigmentaiton has lightened and faded. I’ve gone from using a variety of different concealers to only a dab of mineral powder to cover them up for work, which involves my being on screen a lot. I’ve been using it not only as a cleansing balm, but to massage into the pigmentation, as well as using it as a light mask at night, before bed. My skin looks nourished. Thank you, NK Naturals... I will be purchasing more!
A truly amazing skin treatment
from Natalie Yeend on 04/03/2018
I am 49 years of age and in the past I have tried numerous brands of skincare and never been totally satisfied with the results. I met Nicola at a Healthy Living festival in London over 2 years ago and my skin has been thanking me ever since!
I use Beautiful as a cleanser, Life as my toner and Gorgeous for moisturizing, I constantly receive compliments on my skin and I enjoy the feeling of treating my skin with such natural products.
Simply the BEST product ever
from Anonymous on 18/12/2017
An absolute god send!
from Anonymous on 15/09/2016
This healing balm literally saved my skin! While on holiday in Lanzarote a few months ago I (rather stupidly) burned my chest quite badly and after putting aloe vera on the area for a few days it was still extremely sore and blistering. This particular day I was quite worried about my skin scarring and was on a mission to find something natural and chemical free that would moisturise and essentially heal my burnt skin. I didn't hold out much hope and I feel like it was pretty much fate that I stumbled across NK Naturals stall at the playa blanca market that day. I spoke to Nicola and she took a look at my burns and recommended that I use her "its beautiful" healing balm and told me how I should use it. I applied the balm as she had recommended and my skin instantly felt soothed. My burns improved dramatically over the next 48 hours and healed fully within a week. I cannot thank Nicola enough for making such a beautiful product and for saving my poor skin. Overall as I think you can tell I'm pretty chuffed with my purchase and feel very lucky to have found her that day!
from Anonymous on 09/12/2015
I met Nicola when I was looking for skin products that were natural and without chemicals. I had tried a few including real basics such as apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. I wasn't entirely happy with anything that I had tried and Nicola suggested that I try a sample pack of Beautiful/Gorgeous/Pure. I have been using them for a couple of months now and I love all three products! My skin feels soft, fresh and has more of a glow. I'm really happy that I'm not having to use a ton of creams on my skin and am keeping it minimal. People have commented that my skin looks good and it certainly feels it. It's not overly greasy, my pores are clearer and it's definitely softer. Thanks, Nicola - it was lovely to meet you and I'll continue to use your products!
from Anonymous on 09/11/2015
I came across this brand when I was in Playa Blanca Lanzarote. With my antibiotics I'm taking for my acne and using this balm, my skin has been so much better. It's smoother and I've had barely any breakouts. I know it's gonna last me a long time because you only need a small amount. Worth the money.
from Anonymous on 03/11/2015
Came across Nicola in Playa Blanca and used the balm for cleansing at night for the remainder of my holiday with great results. Skin in great condition and very soft to the touch. Continuing to order from home Very impressed and highly recommended.
from Anonymous on 09/04/2015
Purchased in Puerto Calero recommended as I had an accident hand very bruised, helped the injury and used on the face and body also. Loved th results ie ordering from your website