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gorgeous  is a lightweight protective daily facial balm, use a small amount of this sensual balm every morning after cleansing to protect and nourish your skin throughout the day, it can be worn alone and will balance out skin imperfections or form a perfect base for make, up this face balm contains a natural sun protection of up to 30+ with protection from both UVA and UVB rays which is essential for the health of your skin.

gorgeous skin will glow with a hydrated radiance that will last all day and with prolonged use the skin will naturally feel and appear velvety smooth

It has a base of sesame oil – a natural UV protector, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral and rich in vitamins e, d and b complex and red raspberry seed oil with vitamin e – excellent for sensitive skin and deeply nourishing, it has UV absorbing properties and gives the skin vital broad spectrum defence from harmful UVA and UVB rays, improving skin elasticity, suppleness and smoothness oat kernel oil – grown and harvested on scandinavian farms using sustainable farming techniques and are free from genetically modified organisms they are soothing, regenerating, invigorating and hydrating raw organic beeswax – local bee farmer brian whitley hand collects this rich raw wax containing residue pollen and propolis from his hives located near kew gardens  that forms  a protective antibacterial barrier that is anti inflammatory and rich in vitamin a, supporting cell regeneration and reconstruction

the majority of the uv protection comes from titanium dioxide – this non nano mineral is both anti-inflammatory and helps soothe sensitive skin providing a physical barrier between your skin and the sun, protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays

gorgeous has a pale yellow sunshine feel and smell due to the additions of jasmine - as an antiseptic it will cleanse the skin of impurities, helping balance oily sensitive skin and nourishes dry patches, also a cicatrisant, which means that it encourages healing by helping with scar tissue benzoin – is the sap (gum resin) of trees that belong to the styrax species and is anti inflammatory, anti microbial, antiseptic  and has an uplifting effect on mood as well as supporting immune enhancement through skin application although the name can sound like chemical, these are naturally occurring and not manmade and oat kernel flour – grown solely on swedish farms using sustainable farming techniques and are free from genetically modified organisms containing skin equivalent lipids and ceramides which assist in skin health imparting a silky sensory effect

gorgeous is preservative free and must be stored in a cool, dry place this is a completely natural handmade product therefore colour and smell may vary from batch to batch.

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