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is a lightweight protective daily facial balm, use a small amount of this sensual balm every morning after cleansing to protect and nourish your skin throughout the day.


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a wonderfully simple way to moisturise my skin
from Anonymous on 27/10/2016
So easy to use - after using my It's Delicate to cleanse I simply splash my face with cold water then after drying gently I use this simle to apply moisturiser. My skins feels truly soft and healthy
from Anonymous on 20/06/2016
I have been using this product along with the healing balm for about 5 weeks and my skin not only looks so much better it feels truly moisturised without feeling greasy. It smells divine and feels absolutely pure. Lovely.
First Class
from Anonymous on 29/12/2015
Prior to using It's Gorgeous, I tried many different anti-ageing moisturisers, none of which offered such a high SPF and all of which felt cold and wet on contact and ultimately left my skin feeling taut and dry. Since using It's Gorgeous on a daily basis in conjunction with It's Delicate as a cleanser, my skin finally feels fully moisturised - it's creamy formula feels comfortable on contact and I no longer have dry flaky skin on the bridge of my nose and nostrils. What's more I'm delighted not to
have the added faff of needing to layer another sun protection product over the top!
from Anonymous on 09/12/2015
I met Nicola when I was looking for skin products that were natural and without chemicals. I had tried a few including real basics such as apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. I wasn't entirely happy with anything that I had tried and Nicola suggested that I try a sample pack of Beautiful/Gorgeous/Pure. I have been using them for a couple of months now and I love all three products! My skin feels soft, fresh and has more of a glow. I'm really happy that I'm not having to use a ton of creams on my skin and am keeping it minimal. People have commented that my skin looks good and it certainly feels it. It's not overly greasy, my pores are clearer and it's definitely softer. Thanks, Nicola - it was lovely to meet you and I'll continue to use your products!